The Game

Hellborne is a new multiplayer free-to-play game where you rage war on the streets and in the fields of war-torn Europe, during the second world war, or command an army and strategize with others in order to achieve global dominance in a large-scale war spanning continents - the perfect FPS and RTS mix.

In order to succeed, you'll need to work as a team, communicating and strategizing effectively both on and off the frontlines. Battle it out with your foes as you capture territories, dominate the battlefield, and push your enemies to their limits. With a vast selection of weapons and equipment from multiple nations at your disposal, the fate of the war is in your hands!

Whether you prefer to join the front lines or take control of your own army, Hellborne offers both intense battles and endless hours of strategic gameplay. You will be hooked from the moment you enlist for war. And remember, in Hellborne, every win counts.


Intense multiplayer combat

Dynamic battles that vary greatly in scale, from a minimum of 12 vs 12 to important battles with up to 32 vs 32.

Take control of any nation

You'll have the ability to pick and switch between a vast variety of powerful WWII nations that fall under one of the two major factions: Allies vs Axis.

Different roles, different experiences

Assume the roles of infantry, recons, engineers, medics, tankers, captains, pilots, or paratroopers. Your experience in war is yours to choose!

Stunning visuals & captivating sound design

Truly experience the hardship of war from a new perspective, with every step come to life with fully destructible objects, realistic physics and immersive sound design.

Extensive and ever expanding weaponry

Access hundreds of historically accurate weapons, equipment, vehicles, and planes, while fighting at some of the most well-known locations of WWII.


Persistent real-time battles

Command your army with hundreds of divisions, plan their movements, manage supplies and morale, and send them to battle your way.

Vast and historically accurate units

A massive collection of divisions for you to obtain and choose from, including frontline infantry troops, armour, air, and naval divisions*.

Conquer one city at a time

Move through and capture as many cities and capitals as possible while making your way to victory.

Change the dynamic of every battle

Open new lines of attack and surprise your enemies in real time during battles, straight from within the war map.

Major capital and historical battles*

Due to the importance of capitals in the outcome of the war, these battles should and will be even more unique with special and historically accurate maps.


Before the start of every war, soldiers are split into two main factions: the Allies and the Axis. After deciding which side they want to fight for, soldiers can choose from a vast list of nations to fight as. The main objective of this system is to maintain only two teams inside of the RTS map, allowing us to easily introduce new nations into the game in the future without fragmenting our player base.


United States

Soviet Union*

United Kingdom*











Iconic Maps & Dynamic Environments

Engage in large-scale war through one of the grittiest and most deadliest military conflicts the world has ever seen, across historically inspired maps including environments from the European fronts ─ with many more planned.

Deploy on incredible and dynamic maps with seamless gameplay space, every meter is consistently handcrafted and perfected by real-world WWII inspiration.


Divisions have four main parameters: level, attrition (also known as morale), speed, and vision. Divisions are the only resource of Hellborne that have repair costs, which vary according to their type and equipped upgrades. While in the war map, divisions will also display the flag of which nation they are from.



Bicycle Infantry

Motorcycle Infantry

Motorized Infantry



Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

Tank Destroyer


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Communicate & Coordinate

As one of the core social features of Hellborne, companies allow you to overwhelm your enemies by joining or forming your own clan within the game to coordinate, assault, defend, and dominate the battlefield with your friends.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Delivering truly jaw-dropping gameplay with cutting-edge tech and visuals ─ including highly-detailed character models, authentic & impactful sounds, dynamic environments, lighting and reflections to create an atmosphere you can fully immerse yourself in.

* Features and equipment not yet implemented, please check our roadmap for further information.